Arpeggio Lines in Piano Music

by Michelle
(Spokane, WA)

What are the differences in the arpeggios with squiggley lines next to them? Some go all the way up both signatures and others only one hand. Are there different ways to do each?


Hi, Michelle--

The arpeggio markings that continuously through both staves indicate that you arpeggiate the chord from the bottom note to the top note with the left hand playing first and then the right

The lines that go through one staff, then break and through the other staff indicate to play both hands at the same time--lowest note to highest note.

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Feb 24, 2010
More arpeggios
by: Anonymous

What about when there is only one wavy line on a clef, usually, the bass clef, and it lines up on the same beat with a chord or note, say on the treble clef, which doesn't have a wavy line?


Begin the left hand arpeggio enough ahead of the beat that you play the last note on the beat.


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