Are certain guitars designed for low action?

by dale pierce
(houston, texas )

hello, i play tele's and strats. i have always enjoyed unusually high action. mater of fact on all of my guitars i put a shim under the nut. the shim is made out of a slice of copy paper with scotch tape stuck to both sides. fits good, glues good, transfers good. cheap and easy. don't know the dimension but you get the idea. this raises the break on the first three frets making them in my opinion much easier to play and the tone is much better. it also adds a natural relief to the overall neck as well. here's my question. i'm thinking about getting another guitar and thinking about trying a guitar that is designed for low action. as i mentioned, i've never gotten any tone out of low action on my fenders. are certain brands designed to sound and play better with low action?


Hi, Dale--

Maybe you would like to try a Gibson. I have played Les Pauls for years and find the action and tone to be a dream

As you might guess, I am definitely a Gibson lover. The tone is just so much fatter and clearer than a that of a Fender. But then I guess there are those who are just as dedicated to Fender.

Why not go to a large guitar store and try out several Gibson models, especially several Les Paul models?

After you try them out, check out these prices:

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar Ebony Gold

Look around while you are there--there are many Les Paul models to choose from.

If the Les Paul is a bit too pricey for you, I have another idea. One of my students brought in this guitar the other day and it is an absolute dream! You will love the EMG pickups.

Epiphone SG Prophecy Custom EX Electric Guitar with EMG 81/85 Pickups Midnight Ebony

Best Wishes,

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