Arbiter flats lite bass drum pedal attachment

by Jules
(Oxford, UK)

I don't seem to be able to attach the pedal to the hoop so that the beater strikes the head flat on. It seems the pedal is fixed too far away, and the top "corner" of the beater hits the skin.
I got the kit second hand, almost unused, but I was wondering if there was something missing.
The pedal is the standard CB one that comes with the kit.
Should the bass drum hoop actually be on the floor or just above?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, Jules--

The Kick Drum Pedal is a standard, chain driven pedal, with a 2 piece footplate, one that fits snug into the other to maintain grip on the kick drum, with 2 expansion springs.

Do you have both pieces?

Here is the set up procedure:

The kick drum pedal has a two piece foot plate, put the metal bar flat on the floor so the top part goes through into the hole of the front of the pedal, un screw the tensioner all the way and then attach the pedal to the base plate of the kick drum. This should fit snug onto the plate, then screw the tensioner all the way so it holds it firmly in place. The beater should hit the skin when it is fully vertical - not slightly forward. If this is the case, there are two small screws on the inside of the kick drum shell by the feet clamps that can be undone and allow the kick drum to tilt slightly. Next - attach the support feet. These are the two black plastic parts with metal feet. They also have rubber feet which screw on. Put the feet on, with the metal screw-on tighteners on first then put the bar on the support unit through the clamp on the drum. Put both on and get them so the kick sits comfortably on the floor and then tighten them all the way up.

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