Amplifier Problem

I have a Crate GT 212 combo amp,Boss Gt-8 and 2 Epiphone guitars.It doesn't matter if i plug straight into the amp or go through the multi-effects processor,if i turn the gain up on the amp or the pedal halfway to max,there is a high pitch feedback noise.Do i have a bad amp?

Does it matter if you have a tube or solid state amp to achieve good harmonic squeals?It will not produce good squeals at all.


Hi, jacnbox812--

It is difficult to answer your first question without seeing exactly how you have things set. I have not heard of any unusual feedback problems with this amp.

Regarding your second question: tube amps tend to perform better at high volumes because they do not clip off the top of the sound as do transistor amps.

Maybe some of our readers will have more info about the feedback.


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