Amble Knights

by Kegger

Amble Knights Cover

Amble Knights Cover


We are a rap group. Four of us our white and one Hmong. We are all in High school. There Are five members.


Kegger (Formally AKA Blink)-rapper/singer (16 and a Junior)
Colbalt-rapper/singer (16 and a Junior)
T Vaj-Rapper (17 and a Junior)
Void-Lead MC (15 and a Sophmore)
Mr. Babaloo-Rapper (17 and a Junior)

Jin Vaj- Rapper (17 and a Junior)

Arctos-singer (18 and a Junior)

Linkin Park
Fort Minor
Styles of Beyond
Razor Red Noise
Jedi Mind Tricks
Ceplth Titled
Lupe Fiasco
The All American Rejects
Gym Class Heroes
Bone Thugs and Harmony

We were formed in the beginning of 08 for a group of rap rock group like step zero or linkin park. The cost of instruments kept us waiting. We are a group a friends that knew each other most of our life.

In September of 08 we made our very first song. We used the instrumental of Faint and remix it. We called it Sand to Stone. Kegger, T Vaj, Void and Mr. Babaloo rap in it. Colbalt sang the chorus and Arctos produced it. We called our little rap project EZ. We then stopped recording till christmas Vacation.

Then we started to record the 6 songs that are on our profile. We also changed our name from EZ to Amble Knights. Fuck that bitch was our first was a mess around song. We want people to know it not our style of music. Then The People was recorded which was rap by Kegger and T Vaj and chorus by

The next song was We aint trying to be gansters rap by T Vaj and then guest/cousin of Tvaj-Jin Vaj. It was Jin Vaj first time rapping and rhyming.

Then The next song was Exaggerated Dreams rap by Mr. Babaloo, Colbalt and Void. The chorus was already with the beats.

Then made Froze which was sung by Colbalt and produce by Kegger. The Final song we made was Gods to Lyric rap by Kegger, Colbalt and Mr. Babaloo. The singing part of the chorus was Colbalt. It was produce by Kegger.

Then the band decided to niominate Kegger as the manager and producer. We put out the songs on our youtube account in Janurary of 09. Then Arctos left the band. We also asked Jin Vaj to join our rap group. He is cousin to T Vaj. We took a short two month break but never stop writing.

After spring break we are ready to start recording. There is tons of papers of just rhymes and ideas that its time we start recording. So look forward this April to the end of summer there will be a lot more new songs coming out. Jin Vaj decide to just be a feature guest.

Kegger was originally known as blink but changed it to kegger. The idea was brought up by Mr.Babaloo and he took it because it has more meaning to him because that what his family call him.

We are planing to put the exaggerated dreams EP for free download. So ask if you want the songs.

AK Beats
GID Productions
Double Helix Productions
And All helpful Criticism
All our fans

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