"All I Want to Do" by Sheryl Crow--Drum Tab (Guitar Pro)

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About This Song

"All I Want To Do" is from Sheryl Crow's 1993 album entitled "Tuesday Night Music Club". The song was Crow's biggest hit and reached number 2 on the Billboard charts.

About The Drummer

Brian MacLeod is a drummer and songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles. Besides Sheryl Crow, he has also played with Madonna,,Tuesday Night Music Club,Tears For Fears,Seal,Linda Perry,Grace Slick,Roger Waters,Rosanne Cash,Jewel, Chris Isaak,and Ziggy Marley to name a few. He played the drums for the theme song on "The Office".

Although he has recorded using both DDrums and Grestch kit, Brian swears by vintage Ludwig drums except for his favorite snare drum, which is a Valley Drum Shop Custom snare drum.

About This Tab

"All I Want to Do" has a very simple, almost classic rock beat. The into has no drums at all--just hand claps. MacLeod adds the occasional open Hi Hat for flavor.

The fills are extremely sparse, as is the case with a great number of his drum tracks. These fills consist mainly of a combination of one 8th note and two 16ths on the last two beats of the measure.

This tab would be suitable for a beginning drummer
or for any drummer who just loves and wants to play this song.


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