Adam Akey/Darren Mantle

by Darren Mantle
(Ontario, Canada)

Cover for Hand Over On The Hill

Cover for Hand Over On The Hill

Adam Akey and Darren Mantle are musicians from Pickering, Ontario Canada. They have been playing music together for a long time and finally started to release home recordings this year. They both give a strong artistic sound within their styles of playing and have a creative and open mind when it comes to writing a master piece. They explore musical genres such as Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Heavy Metal, Acoustic, Electronic, Jazz, Blues, and many more. They've been doing serious recording with each other since 2006 with the Epsilon Eridani recording session and have recently been working on newer material that will eventually be released. They have released together 2 Demos, and Adam Akey has appeared on Darren Mantles first demo.

Adam Akey & Darren Mantle
Hand Over On The Hill (2008)
Epsilon Eridani Demo Vol. 1 (2008

Darren Mantle
Infinity: The Fractal Effect (2008)

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Mar 24, 2009

May 15, 2008
Musicians/Bands Posted
by: Anonymous

Hi Lynne,
Out of curiosity have you ever thought of posting a page where all the musicians/bands whom post to your page are actually listed?
So far I've noticed that the postings of musicians/bands whom post to your page are there
for easy access for about a week or so and then they are gone.


Actually, they are are still listed on the My Favorite Band page. The list is just below the form.

Thanks for the suggestion! Let me know if you have
further comments!


May 14, 2008
by: Anonymous

You can check out these free demo's at this link:

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