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by Tadhg


I am trying to figure out the functional capabilities of some acoustic accessories so i can find a birthday present for my younger brother. He plays gigs sometimes is just getting into recording his music and publising it online, i would like to get him something that would assist in this.

He has an amplifier and has a scarlett 2i2 for recording his music. I have been looking at various pieces of equiptment that can help to modify the sound of his guitar, add percussion etc. The products i have been looking at are things like the yamaha thr 10, Line6 Amplifi, Boss Dr-01S Rythm Partner, Boss AD-10 Acoustic Preamp and other products with similar functions.

I understand that if he uses these products he can create sounds that a live audience will be able to hear but my question is, can this equiptment be connected to his recording equiptment? Are there specific types of inputs/outputs i should be looking for to allow this type of compatibility?

You may have guessed that i am not a music person at all, so any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


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May 09, 2019
Hi, Tadhg
by: Lynne

The thing is you can use almost anything as long as you can connect it to his mixing board. the procedure is 1.Guitar into effects. 2. Out of Effects into Mixing Board. 3. Out of mixing board into recording equipment. This works for analogue equipment. If he is using digital recording equipment than you probably need to consult with him about what digital he is using.

Hope this helps!


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