About Tama Iron Cobra Chrome Double Bass Pedal

by Josh May
(Riverside, CA., USA)

I wanted to sell my Tama Iron Cobra Chrome Double Bass Pedal and after researching my particular pedal I found out that Tama discontinued my model and that only 4000 pieces were sold. I wanted to see what you thought about that. Will that get me any more money? My pedal is in great condition. The case is beat up but the inside is fine. Also should I go about selling it through craigslist/recycler or on ebay? Thanks!

Hi, Josh--

While I don't think that there is a particular market for the pedal as a "collector's item", you might be able to use the information in your "sales pitch". I guess it depends on why it was discontinued.

A lot of people seem to get really good results with Craigslist and it is free, while Ebay is not.
I am not familiar with Recycler.

Good Luck!


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Feb 01, 2016
Crome pedal.
by: Donny

Tama collectors are always looking for rare pedals such as yours . Of course it will bring a good profit. I have 1 and not seen many for sale the ones I have seen have been beat to death.! Most of these ar keepers and owners dont want to sell them. Mint condition I've seen these sell for$800.00 usually bites like this display them. Keep it. Great investment

Nov 08, 2011
Dbl pedal Tama chrome limited edition
by: Sukamoto

How much you want to sell it? It is including the original aluminum case Tama limited edition?
Pls info me sukamoto_trv@ yahoo.com

Jan 21, 2010
4000 made...sounds like limited edition to me
by: Anonymous

I believe there is or would be a market for such a pedal, we all know how wonderful the IC is to use and you own a chrome version limited edition...I'll buy it drumdummies@verizon.net

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