'67 Telecaster Given to Mary Kay by Jone Johnson

by Robert
(Corona del Mar)

I have a 67 tele white blond w/maple neck. All original. Some dings. But the catch is when I bought this guitar in 71-73 at Sightsinger in Ca. I was told it was owned by Mary Kaye,of the Mary Kaye Trio. At that time I shrugged my shoulders and gave a blank stare with a SO on my face. I paid $163.00 dollars after haggling, and a phone call. I think it was to Mary, she had to give the OK.

My friends that played professional after playing this tele they would always offer to buy it. After many years of playing, I was changing the strings out. I had decided to remove the pick guard to see the true color. It was white. But the biggest surprise was the broken pick with the name Mary Kaye. The internet was just happening with more info. So my quest began. I was able to speak to a few of Mary's relatives by phone or email. They were in Vegas at the time when this quest began. I was told a lot about a that tele, and if it became public it would be in conflict with the MK Strat that is out on a limited run.

I found an article with a band Mary tried to run with and it mentioned a tele that a member gave to her. I am still trying to find that person. Here is the article:

Quote from the story: "From '69 to '71 I worked with Dave Sullivan on guitar, Paul Delacato on guitar, and Larry Ahuna on guitar and vocals. I played with Jimmy Caravan on keyboards, and Jone Johnson - who gave me the Telecaster - on drums, from '71 to '73."

So I am looking for a Jone Johnson if they are still around.

This the best pic of the pick and it is reversed. But you can make it out. Well maybe. Even talked to Ed Roman of Las Vegas about it. He said on the phone he was aware of this guitar. So something is up.

Can you help me in this maze. I am not looking to sell or anything just verify.



Hi, Robert-

Very interesting story! Let's see if some of our readers might be able to help.


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Feb 19, 2024
Knew Jone Johnson in high school
by: Carlton Canaday

Jone Johnson was in my home room in Hammond High School and we graduated together in 1956. I've been trying to locate her for the past few years. If anyone knows anything about Jone, what she is doing and/or where she is living, would you please contact me at theatre@spinn.net.

Carlton W. Canaday

Oct 16, 2023
Almost ten years later
by: Author

I had forgotten that I wrote this, now almost ten years later. I was looking for more information for Jone Johnson, and this showed up. Now I see that someone tried to contact me saying that they knew Jone. I tried the addresses that were given, but both were dead ends. So if you know Jone, or you are Jone, please contact me at seanfulness@protonmail.com

Thank you

Feb 21, 2014
Jone Johnson
by: Carol Edwards

I am Jone's sister-in-law. She did play drums with Mary
Kaye and did give her a guitar. If you will send me your telephone number, Jone will call you. My e-mail: cdwardscs@hotmail.com.

Feb 19, 2014
I am sitting here with Jone Johnson
by: jane

Jone and I are sitting here reading this, please email me and I will hook you up.

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