3 single coil pickups

by Warren

was hoping you could shed some light on this.

i have an old school "lyon" electric guitar. its basically a fender strat ripoff. it has 3 single coil pickups on it. my question is, does each pickup have a different purpose (treble, mid, bass)? was wondering, cause id like to raise the midrange one a bit, if one exists.



Hi, Warren--

The neck pickup provides a mellow sound with more bass because string's vibration has a higher amplitude at the neck position, being near the middle of the string length.

The bridge pickup has a higher treble sound, not only because of its position relative to string length, but also because it is sometimes mounted on a metal plate.

The middle pickup provides a sound that is somewhere between the other two.

A lot of the sound characteristic depends on the wiring of the pickups and the use of the selector switch. You can even rewire the pickups to alter the sound of your guitar.

Best Wishes,

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