3 Fnger Joe--Playing Guitar with 3 Finger on Left Hand

I cut off my left index finger just after i bought. Can i learn to play with 3 fingers?


Hi, "Joe"--

I firmly believe that you can do anything you decide to do!

Have you considered attempting to become a left-handed player? This might be difficult, but at least it would allow for all of the fingers of your fretting hand (now the RIGHT hand) to be used. I have known several left handed guitar players who became right handed players. If they can do it, it might be worth a try for you.

The other possibility is that you can work out different fingering for chords so that your left hand can play them. The biggest difficulty here would be the barre chords, but most of them can be played without the bar using the top four strings of the guitar.

Have you ever heard of " Django Reinhardt"? His is an inspirational story. He was able to devise a system of fingering using only TWO fingers on his left hand.

Do a search for his story--maybe it will give you some ideas.

Best Wishes,

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