20" vs 22" kick drum/ what kind of wood is best for kick drum?

by Aaron Redden
(Dyersburg, Tennessee)

These are things I wanted to know for buying my new kit.

What are the sound differences between Birch and Maple besides Birch being more articulate and Maple being more warm?

What are the differences between a 20" Kick to a 22" beside the pitch being high?
Does this affect resonance, attack, volume?


Hi, Aaron-

There is a detailed discussion of the different types of wood used to make drums here: What type of wood is best for drums?

As for the differences in kick drum sizes, it depends on what you want to do with the drum. Most studio drummers use 20 inch because the drum has more punch. The 22 inch drum will provide more low end tone if that is what you want for your type of music. The 22 inch will still give you a pretty good punch.

Personally, I think that heads and pedals make far more difference in sound than does the variation by 2 inches in drum size.

Best Wishes,

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