1945 Martin 0-17 serial number 9200--Gibson Bridge

by Mark Cosgrove
(Charlottesville, VA)

I recently brought my Martin to a repair man to get the neck re-set. He called me back that day to ask a couple questions. The most interesting question was about my bridge. The bridge had never been replaced(my grandfather bought it brand new, and there were no signs of a replacement), but it is not a martin bridge, it is in fact a Gibson bridge, true to that time period. He had never seen this in all his many years repairing vintage Martin's. I find this really interesting and cool!

Has anyone heard of this before? He thought maybe some of the Martin guitar makers could have been drafted during the war and they contracted some Gibson guys? Any info would be awesome, I can also send pictures if needed. Thanks so much!

Mark Cosgrove


Hi, Mark--

I have never heard of this either and could find no information on the web. I will forward this to our readers. Maybe someone has some knowledge.


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