What Equipment Do I Need to Amplify My Conga Drums?

What equipment do i need to amplify my conga drums?


Hi, fvincent101--

There are a couple of simple ways to amplify Conga drums:

1) You can use an ordinary microphone on a short stand. There are stands available specifically for this purpose. Place the microphone on the stand under the bottom opening of the Conga drum
and run it through your band's mixing board.

The disadvantage of this method is that you may have to work with the EQ on the board to eliminate feedback. It is best to use a Unidirectional microphone so that the mic will not pick up sounds from other instruments like the drums.

2) You can buy contact mics which you can attach either to the Conga heads or to the shell just inside the bottom of the shell close to the opening. You have to be sure to purchase quality contact mics in order for this application to be successful.


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Feb 22, 2012
by: fvincent

Hey lynne thanks for ur advice. I know it will help me setting up my congas

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