Resource for Martin Birth Dates or Serial Numbers.

by Tim

I am wondering who is the go to person to find out exact Birth Dates or Stamping Dates of the serial Numbers on Martin Dreadnoughts. Used to be Mike Longworth, I called him about 2 other older D-28's one was a 1954 and the other a 1941, he was able to narrow it down to almost the day in these two cases. So now who or what is the resource for this information?


Hi, Tim--

I use this resource:


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May 29, 2012
Martin Model/S.N. easy access info
by: Tim

Dear Lynne,
Thanks for the reply the site you offered is fairly limited as are many others. One of the best sites I've found is

This link offers much more usable knowledge and is fairly helpful in identifying Models and of course YEARS of particular Martins. Unfortunately it does not provide more detail on dating by narrowing down the time frame to even months. Mike Longworth was the go to guy from Martin many years ago, If anyone knows of a resource to identify Martin Dreadnoughts down to the week or possibly day this information would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help.

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