Drum Recording

by Shawn

I'm trying to record drum videos with my normal flip camera but the sound quality is horrible. Do you know a mic that is kind of all purpose and doesn't sound horrible for the drums? I cannot afford professional drum mic'ing right now, I heard of something that was about $20-$30 but I didn't get the model or brand.

If you can help me out thanks a load!


Hi, Shawn--

The thing is, there are different requirements for mics for each type of drum.

I might be able to help you find something if I knew exactly what you are trying to do. Are you planning to use your camera for video and audio but just supplement the audio sound with a mic so that the amplified drum sound is recorded by the camera?

Depending on what you want to do with the video, it might be better to try to send the drum sound to a different recording system and then synch the video and the drum track on something like Microsoft Movie Maker.

If you want to include more detail about what you are wanting to do, I will try to be of more help.


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Dec 23, 2008
Drum Recording
by: Shawn

thanks for your response. i really just want good audio of me playing, and i can always just tape myself while recording with a different mic. so any type of cheap mic that can do some justice in recording drums is good. i am aware that i should plug it into a computer after i make the audio which i can do as well to make it better, someone suggested i use something called audacity

thanks if you can tell me any type of mic to buy for this :D


Hi, Shawn--

Thanks for the info. I am sorry that I must bother you one more time before I can find a mic for you.

Now I need to know what you intend to plug the mic into for recording. Do you need a quarter inch phone jack or what kind?

If you will be so kind as to send this info,I will
find you a mic and also give you the link to download Audacity.



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