Big Baby Taylor or Baby baby?

by Tori

So...I'm very very small person. I'm a little less than 5 feet and have small hands. I have trouble playing the difficult chords that require you to have LONG fingers, and I was thinking of getting a smaller guitar. I play a regular Guild now. So my question is, what's the difference between a regular guitar and a big baby? I know the baby baby's are really small, so if there's not much of a difference between a big baby and regular, then I'm going for the baby.


Hi, Tori--

The Big Baby is 15/16 the size of a regular. The Baby is 3/4 size. So there is just a small difference between the regular and the Big Baby.

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Taylor Big Baby Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural


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Jun 20, 2009
Thanks for posting!!
by: Anonymous

I thank you so very much for sending in your

To date I have three guitars, two acoustic and
one electric. I also stand less than five feet
tall and have had problems stretching my fingers.

I never realized that the size of my hands had
an impact on playing the guitar nor thought about
buying a smaller guitar.

Thank you.

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