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Absolutely FREE Music Lessons will soon be celebrating its 1 year anniversary! We would like to invite you to help us celebrate by adding YOUR ideas for the site.

What free music lesson would you like to see? Are there any areas of music which are not covered on the site and would be valuable to you? We want the May Music Studio website to be a place where you can come to find ANYTHING in the music realm and find it absolutely free.

Please go to Music Lessons on Demand to make your wishes known.

Are you a drummer?

Or do you know a drummer? Don't miss our Almost Free Drum Tabs!

We have been amazed by the positive response to these tabs. We offer free support for each tab. If you have trouble reading or playing tab, just let us know and we will help!

The list of available drum tabs grows each day. These tabs are very high quality--made with the Guitar Pro program. They are guaranteed accurate. Don't miss out!

Are you a guitar player?

Do you need information about guitar effects pedals? Guitar Foot Pedals gives you all the information you need about overdrive and distortion, modulation, equalization, digital delay, and harmonizer pedals and even tells you how to set them all up to get the sound that you want!

Do you have the sound that you want but need good tabs to your favorite songs? Try Free Guitar Pro Tabs

And be sure to check out our complete selection of Absolutely Free Guitar Lessons

Do You Have Music Questions?

The "Ask Questions" sections of the website continues to be very popular. Here you can ask questions about Drums and Drumming, Guitars and Playing Guitar, and Pianos and Piano Playing. Asking a question is simple. Your question and the answer will appear as a web page on the site! (If you want it to)

Promote Your Music

May Music Studio is now offering FREE Featured Artists Promotion!

re you a musical artist? Then you know how much dedication and hard work goes into developing your talent. Would you like a FREE avenue for sharing your artistry with the whole world wide web? May Music Studio's Musician Promotion area is here to help!

You can tell us about your talent, send us a picture of yourself, and we will build a web page JUST FOR YOU! These pages are submitted to the major search engines so that YOU can be found on the internet.

In addition, we will be periodically choosing "Premier Artists" from these pages and featuring full length articles and mp3 files for these artists on this page. Take a moment to meet our first Premier Artist-- Then sign up to become one of our Featured Artists!

Premier Artists at May Music Studio

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I hope you enjoyed this newsletter and found it valuable. Until next month--

Lynne May

May Music Studio

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