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Vintage Guitar Values--Discover Extra Money!

Do you have an old guitar in your attic or under your bed? You might have extra money just waiting to be discovered! Even though real estate prices have been declining, the value of vintage guitars just keeps rising. Here are some examples:

Martin 000-18

Martin D-18

1961 Gibson Les Paul

1965 Gibson SG

1977 Fender Telecaster

1963-64 Fender Jaguar

If you would like to know the value of YOUR guitar, visit:

Vintage Guitar Values

This is a FREE service from May Music Studio.

Almost Free Drum Tabs

Our Drum Tab Store is now three months old and continues to be met with great enthusiasm from drummers of all ages and styles.

"Excellent Service! I recommend Lynne - excellent turnaround and accurate tabs - tell all your musician friends about her!"

"Excellent chart! Your charts are very well done, and you are superfast at getting them to me."

"Holy smokes, that is awesome!! The tab helped so much!"

As you know, it is very difficult to find good quality accurate drum tabs on the internet. I began making tabs for my students and they were so well received that I decided to make them available to my web site visitors.

Go here to request your tab:

Drum Tabs on Demand!

All of the tabs which have been requested are available on this page:

Quality Drum Tabs!

Here are some examples:

"What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts

"Firth of Fifth" by Genesis

"Dirty White Boy" by Foreigner

"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

"Badge" by Cream

The list of available drum tabs grows each day. These tabs are very high quality--made with the Guitar Pro program. They are guaranteed accurate. Don't miss out!

Free Guitar Pro Tabs

You want to learn your favorite cool guitar licks! After searching the internet for guitar licks tabs, are you confused? Exactly what IS the correct way to play that song? And why are the free guitar tabs so difficult to read? Here you can find accurate FREE Guitar Pro Tabs. Tabs written in this format will prove to be the best guitar tabs that you have seen.

You can learn songs like:

SMOKE ON THE WATER (Solo)--Deep Purple

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (Intro)--Led Zeppelin

RUNNIN' WITH THE DEVIL (Intro and Verse)--Van Halen

ONE (2nd Intro Solo)--Metallica

Purple Haze (Intro)--Jimi Hendrix

CRAZY TRAIN (Intro)--Ozzy Osbourne

SWEET CHILD O' MINE (Intro)--Guns 'N Roses

Learn your favorite song NOW. Visit Free Guitar Tabs

Do You Have Music Questions?

The "Ask Questions" sections of the website continues to be very popular. Here you can ask questions about Drums and Drumming, Guitars and Playing Guitar, and Pianos and Piano Playing. Asking a question is simple. Your question and the answer will appear as a web page on the site! (If you want it to)

Promote Your Music!

May Music Studio is now offering FREE Featured Artists Promotion!

re you a musical artist? Then you know how much dedication and hard work goes into developing your talent. Would you like a FREE avenue for sharing your artistry with the whole world wide web? May Music Studio's Musician Promotion area is here to help!

You can tell us about your talent, send us a picture of yourself, and we will build a web page JUST FOR YOU! These pages are submitted to the major search engines so that YOU can be found on the internet.

In addition, we will be periodically choosing "Premier Artists" from these pages and featuring full length articles and mp3 files for these artists on this page. Take a moment to meet our first Premier Artist-- Then sign up to become one of our Featured Artists!

Premier Artists at May Music Studio

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Lynne May

May Music Studio

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