Absolutely FREE Bass Guitar Lessons

Absolutely FREE Music Lessons has added a whole new section--Absolutely Free Bass Guitar Lessons!

This brand new section features tons of free lessons and resources for bass players, including an Online tuner and Tuning tips, scales, chords, practice exercises, chord progressions, and purchasing resources.

If you are thinking of beginning bass guitar or know someone who is, be sure to check out these unbelievable deals on bass guitar starter packs: Best Bass Guitar for Beginners

New Drum Tabs!

Almost Free Drum Tabs!

Here are some of the newest additions to our increasingly popular drum tabs:

Bad Company--"Can't Get Enough of Your Love"

Black Sabbath--"Paranoid"


Guns N' Roses--"Mr. Brownstone"

Green Day--"American Idiot"

We offer free support for each tab. If you have trouble reading or playing tab, just let us know and we will help!

**Remember, you can order a custom drum tab of any song you want:

Drum Tabs on Demand!

New Guitar Software!

If you are a guitar player, you know how difficult it can be to learn your favorite songs, licks, and solos from your favorite CD or mp3 files. It goes by so fast that you can barely HEAR it, let alone figure out how to PLAY it!

I found a program that will slow down and song or portion of a song without changing the pitch. You can slow down those blistering solos so you can pick out each note and nail it. You can gradually build up speed till you are just as fast as your favorite player.

I started using this program for my guitar students and I have see results that are nothing short of amazing! Check it out--

Riff Master Pro

New Music Theory Help!

One of the most common questions we get is "How do I know what chords to use with the 3 forms of the minor scale?"

To answer this question, I have compiled Guitar Pro charts of the chords resulting from the three forms of the minor scale in all twelve keys. These charts include both piano and guitar notation.

You get 12 pages--each page dedicated to one minor key. On each page are all of the chords which result from each of the three forms of the minor scale. This means that you have access to 36 possible chord progressions in minor keys.

If you are interested in learning in depth about harmonizing the minor scales, these are well organized, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

Harmonizing the Minor Scales

Do You Have Music Questions?

The "Ask Questions" sections of the website continues to be very popular. Here you can ask questions about Drums and Drumming, Guitars and Playing Guitar, and Pianos and Piano Playing. Asking a question is simple. Your question and the answer will appear as a web page on the site! (If you want it to)

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