Absolutely Free Music Lessons!

Welcome to the 2nd issue of Absolutely Free Music Lessons!

Each month this newsletter from May Music Studio will keep you up to date on the new free music lessons available on the site. In addition, I will be including some great music-related offers and other news that will be of interest to you.

Ask Questions

The "Ask Questions" sections of the website continues to be very popular. Here you can ask questions about Drums and Drumming, Guitars and Playing Guitar, and Pianos and Piano Playing. Asking a question is simple. Your question and the answer will appear as a web page on the site!

New Music Books and Sheet Music!

The newest addition to the website--you can browse through a hand-picked selection of Guitar,

Keyboard and Piano, or

Drum music books and sheet music. The selection is EXCELLENT. It would take you many hours to find all of these books. Best of all, the prices are guaranteed to be the best available!

Free Song Writing Lessons!

This has become another extremely popular section of the website. Take advantage of these Free Songwriting Lessons!

You will find help with basic music theory concepts, the song writing process, tips for writing the various sections of a song, help with writing lyrics, access to songwriting software, and a listing of songwriting contests. You will also find helpful books on a variety of songwriting topics.

Best wishes for your songwriting pursuits!

Monetize Your Brain!

Site Build It!

Have you ever thought about how wonderful it would be to work-from-home, to make some extra income from your favorite hobby or from doing the thing that you most enjoy? Does the idea of having a home-based business excite you?

Here's how I did it!

I can tell you from Personal Experience--this system REALLY WORKS! My website ranks consistently in the top 1% of search engine results and provides me with a growing income every month!

Sometimes I can't believe I was so lucky as to find SBI! The program takes you step by step through the process of building your own online business. All the tools are provided. I get emails every day offering to sell me these tools for $2-3 THOUSAND. SBI costs a TINY FRACTION of that!

Plus, joining SBI is like being a member of a large and caring family--all of the other SBIers are always there for advice and support.

Read more about My Experience with SBI!

SBI will change your life!

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter and found it valuable. Until next month--

Lynne May

May Music Studio

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