Drummers--Your Christmas BOGO Sale!

Are you a drummer or do you have a drummer in your life?

It's time for more FREE drum tabs from May Music Studio! You can pick a free drum tab for each one that you buy for the rest of the month!

Just Go to Almost Free Drum Tabs and buy one tab. Then send me an Email and let me know what FREE tab you would like.

**Remember that this offer applies ONLY to tabs already on the site. Both the tab that you buy and your free tab must be chosen from those tabs that are listed at "Almost Free Drum Tabs".

Guitar Players--FREE Book!

Our friends over at Elmore music are offering a free book:

"50 Ways To Dramatically improve Your Playing Today"

There are tons of valuable suggestions to help you improve your playing. Just click on the image to get YOUR free copy!

BOGO Sale on Drum Backing Tracks

Now you can play along with real drum parts instead of just using the metronome!

You will want to check out our "Almost Free Drum Tracks". We have been working hard to get this page up to date and are adding new drum tracks daily.

These are guaranteed accurate drum tracks for your favorite songs. They are invaluable as a practice aid for guitar players, keyboard players, and even drummers.

You can open them with iTunes or another media player and burn them to CD--just like having your own drummer. For those who want to record with the drum parts, you can enter these tracks into Cakewalk or any other recording software that accepts midi imports.

SALE!: For the rest of December, you can choose a free drum backing track with each track that you purchase. Just pay for one track and then send an Email to me with the name of the free track that you want.

You can find the drum backing tracks at: Almost Free Drum Tracks

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That's all until next month. We hope that you enjoyed this newsletter and that you will find the free scale charts and the drum backing tracks useful!

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