by RakanS.
(Lebanon, Beirut)



I am a 22 years old Palestinian guy who never lived in his home town ever or seen it before (Palestine).

I live in LEBANON as well study here, I'm a graphic designer, and a composer. I do songs as a hobby, everyone told me I have a nice voice so i try my best to keep it straight and strong.

I usually write my own lyrics, sometimes Inspiration hits you from places you never expected you'd ever inspire from! My subjects always talk about important things, they are usually stories that happened before or ancient stories that we heard.

I compete with the best I never relied on anyone or anything. My music has it's own uniqueness and style, and so far I have good feedback. Sometimes some people just try their best to bring you back, it's your job to keep yourself up and your self-confidence because if they took that from you, you'll just lose it.

I am not a quitter, but a leader. In love with animals and society, Night life takes a good part of me, as well my mum & dad. I have beautiful siblings! and gorgeous friends. If I could should them really much I love them... I worked alot in graphics, tried working on my Identity Image and finally created one. One day I am gonna make it to the top. Until then, love me & i'll love you back.


Hi, RankinS--

Where can we hear your music? Is there a website?


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Sep 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

omg i'm in love with your music! you are so gonna make it to the top! just keep on doing that!

oh lynn rakans music is on:

and btw i found RakanS page one facebook, it's:

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