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Fourth of July Specials
July 02, 2012

Hi, Drummers--Happy July 4!

July 4 Special!

It's time for more FREE drum tabs from May Music Studio! You can pick a free drum tab for each one that you buy for the rest of this month.

Just Go to Almost Free Drum Tabs and buy one tab. Then send me an Email and let me know what FREE tab you would like.

**Remember that this offer applies ONLY to tabs already on the site. Both the tab that you buy and your free tab must be chosen from those tabs that are listed at "Almost Free Drum Tabs".

Guitar Players--Did You Miss This?

Want to take your guitar playing to a whole new level?

fretboard essentials

My friend, Alex Cortez, has just released "Fretboard Essentials".

Get ready for simple fretboard secrets that will knock you over.

I highly recommend that you Visit Fretboard Essentials and give yourself the gift of EXTRAORDINARY guitar playing!

New Twitter Page For Almost Free Drum Tabs

We have created a new Twitter page for Almost Free Drum Tabs. Each new tab will be tweeted as it is created so you can see what new tabs are being put on the site.

You can follow us at: Almost Free Drum Tabs

Free Harmonizing the Minor Scales eBook

If you have not yet received our "Harmonizing the Minor Scales" course, you can pick your copy up free of charge.

This is a 12 page collection of charts showing the chords resulting from the three forms of the minor scale in all twelve keys. These charts include both piano and guitar notation. If you are interested in learning in depth about harmonizing the minor scales, these are well organized, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

Just Email us and mention this newsletter to receive your free copy.

Newly Designed Facebook Page

You can keep up with daily update to Absolutely Free Guitar, Piano and Drum Lessons, answers to questions, Vintage Guitar Values, Drum Tabs, and more!

Pay us a visit and leave your comments at: May Music Studio

That's all until next month. We hope that you have a wonderful July 4!

Best Wishes,


Absolutely Free Music Lessons

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