Sell Your Guitar!

Do you have a guitar that you would like to sell? Maybe you are trying to raise money to buy a new guitar or maybe you just have a guitar lying around collecting dust and you could use some extra cash.

We are now offering a new service just for you: May Music Studio Guitar Classifieds

Once you submit your ad, it is published on our Guitars for Sale page and will remain there as long as you wish.

We have had very good results in helping visitors to sell their guitars. Give it a try!

Would You Like to Have Perfect Pitch?

We have had a lot of visitors ask about ways that they can improve their pitch recognition. This is especially important when you are trying to learn a song by ear or when you want to "join in" when someone is singing or playing.

We found a wonderful program which will increase your pitch recognition greatly, even to the point of perfect pitch. My students love it! Check it out:

Pure Pitch

Just For Piano Players

Have you seen our Absolutely Free Piano Chord Charts? These are comprehensive chord charts in PDF format. They include, major and minor triads and dominant 7th chords in all inversions, and they will not cost you a thing! Get yours here:

Printable Piano Chord Charts

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Just drop us an Email and let us know. We will do our best to make sure the site has what YOU want!

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Lynne May

May Music Studio

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