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My name is Lynne May and I have been teaching music lessons at May Music Studio in Gig Harbor, Washington, for the past twenty five years. My students have ranged in age from 3 to 84. I began playing at age 4 and have been loving music since before my first private lesson.

Private lessons are scheduled weekly and last forty minutes, The band sessions are monthly ninety minute classes where 3-6 students meet with others of their age and skill level to prepare songs for the Annual Outdoor Concert and Cookout.

Here are some of the performances at the 2014 concert:

For the past few years we have had our piano students join the concert. They seem to enjoy the outdoor setting much more than a formal recital venue.

Here at May Music Studio we work together as a team--teacher, student and parents--to provide the optimal experience of music education. These Guidelines for Music Lessons are offered to maximize the benefits of a student's music study:

  • Students should be provided with a quiet comfortable place to practice, free from distractions.
  • Parents need to be involved with a student's music lessons. This involvement should include encouraging the student to practice and attending some of the student's private lessons. This is particularly important for younger students.
  • The student should have access to an instrument of adequate quality which is kept in good repair.
  • The student should arrive on time for lessons with the proper materials and an attitude conducive to learning.

If you would like to contact me about guitar lessons, piano/keyboard lessons or drum lessons:

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If you would like some helpful ideas about choosing the right teacher, you can find them here:

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